The feature film “Chink”

As screenwriter Koji Steven Sakai explains, “… Chink isn’t your run of the mill Asian American movie. It’s violent but it’s also funny. It’s gory but it’s also sexy. It’s about identity but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

Meet Eddy Tsai (played by Jason Tobin, Better Luck Tomorrow, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift). He grew up the only Asian in his neighborhood and was bullied all his life. He has come to hate being Asian. He’s even changed his last name to “Richards” and lies that he was adopted by Caucasian parents. His hate for himself is only eclipsed by the hate he feels for other Asians. But Eddy believes that he is smarter, stronger, and better than everyone around him. To prove it, he decides once and for all that he will follow through with his dream; he will become a serial killer. His victims? Asians.

Originating from their initial meeting in 2006, Koji, Producer Quentin Lee and Director Stanley Yung, now have Chink in the can.  Here at Visual Communications we are fortunate enough to be able to share production stills with you.

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